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Humanity stands at a defining moment in history. We are confronted with a perpetuation of disparities between and within nations, worsening of poverty, hunger, ill health and illiteracy, and the continuing deterioration of the ecosystems on which we depend for our well-being.

Our communities face many adversaries including criminals, nation state actors, terrorists and natural disasters. It’s painfully obvious that our current security and safety infrastructure worldwide is underdeveloped and in most of the developing world nonexistent.

The information technology revolution made entire nations and their economies fully dependent on Cyberspace. Cyberspace is a network of networks that spans the planet. The threat now is that malicious actors on one continent can act on systems thousands of miles way.

Well, it doesn’t affect me you might say! Unfortunately it does in fact directly affect the common individual! When people’s basic human needs are not met, they become more forceful to use more destructive ways (to get their needs met); and that is precisely when it does affect our people.

The past 20 years have been unprecedented economic and social upheaval, as well as increasing environmental degradation, worldwide, the changes have significantly impacted - and are likely to continue to impact - every national and every level of society.

Alongside the benefits of technology and global interactions we see horrifying levels of human misery and devastation from natural and man-made disasters across the world.

Globalization has casualties, as any historic change in human society is bound to have, processors were justified in insisting that those who do best from globalization have both an obligation to do more to look after those casualties and a strong interest in doing so - since, otherwise, they risk a global backlash that could wipe cut all their gains.

Knight Advisory is currently working closely with members of a private holding company to transition to an exempt private hedge fund.


1.  How can we ensure all countries, especially poor people within them, benefit from the growth of private investment and can borrow at affordable rates?

2. How can we make new technologies more widely available and ensure that they are better used?

3. Is there a role for external assistance in helping small scale entrepreneurs in developing countries to find their way around in the international markets?

4. How can we develop new partnerships, reaching beyond old-fashioned intergovernmental cooperation, to advance the cause of development?


To ensure that the above mentioned nine basic human needs are addressed on an individual and community level Tri Sector Partners ship has been developed. Tri-sector includes Public Sector, Civil Sector, and Economy Sector which encompass all aspects of a society.

Tri-Sector Partnership, as a refined development paradigm, is based on the knowledge that sustainable development requires all key players to work together for change and sustainable, neutral global development. How do we understand interpret and develop ongoing and profitable partnerships to realize these objectives?

THE NEUTRAL TRADE ORGANIZATION (NTO) and THE NEUTRAL ZONE FEDERATION (NZF) recognize and are expanding upon and leveraging the collaborative e potential of the three main sectors of society.


o Educational
o Academic institutions
o International Agencies
o National / Local Government ECONOMY SECTOR
o Business Sector
o Business Associations
o Enterprise Development Agencies
o Financial institutions
o International Companies
o National companies


o Campaign groups
o Community based organizations
o Donor agencies
o Labor organization
o Non-government organization (NGOs)
o Private Voluntary organizations
o Religious Institutions



1. Public Sector: Creates the framework for economic, political and social rights and provides regulations and standard setting mechanisms.

2. Economy Sector: Investment and trade creates goods and services. Maximizes profit for investors. Provides Employment opportunities, Innovation and economic growth.

3. Civil Society Sector: Social development creates opportunities for individual growth and creatively Provides support and services for those in need or excluded from mainstream society.


1. Public Sector is Right-driven-provides information, stability and legitimacy and tends to be bureaucratic and intransigent.

2. Economy Sector is Profit-driven-is inventive, single-minded and fast and tends to be single minded and competitive.

3. Civil Society Sector is Value-driven-is responsive, inclusive and imaginative and tends to be combative and territorial.

Knight Advisory & Planning Key Points:

    (1) Quality Networking Opportunities That Yield Profitable Partnerships.

    (2) Knight Advisory; an Authorized Florida Business Agent.

    (3) Florida: Helping Women Design Business Blueprints.

    (4) Knight Advisory holds a seminar on opportunities in the Florida-National relationship.

    (5) Team Proposal.

    (6) Emerging Markets.

    (7) Independent Entity not affiliated with any other entity discussed.

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