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Knight Advisory & Planning Services

"Experienced Project Management for Multiple Industries"

Summary of our Capabilities

Knight Advisory & Planning (KAP) integrates its PMBOK certified personnel and AAPM certified project managers for skills applicable in 220 global markets. The deployment of qualified PMs is utilized to implement project management techniques that deliver results. KAP has MPM qualified staff that will handle all faucets of project management. KAP covers all five life cycles of a project: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitor & Control and Closing.

The combination of accredited Project Managers, & Financial Analysts enable KAP to offer industry leading Project Portfolio Management Techniques. Our personnel are certified and are covered under Error's Omission Policy issued by the American Based insurance carrier, Hiscox.

We are professionals that are certified with "tangible" and "reliable" experience. We are not your average consultant who will not be held accountable to measurable metrics. 

Follow these basic four principals in your business:

1. Have experience

2. Have knowledge

3. Have accountability

4. Have Knight Advisory & Planning (KAP)

Advice for you our Valued Client

Knight Advisory & Planning (KAP) offers consultation to business owners, financial professionals, institutions, entrepreneurs, and mid size executives at affordable hourly rates. Communicating with PMBOK and AAPM certified project managers can be very helpful.

The combination of accredited Project Managers, Financial Analysts, Insurance Agents & Seasoned startup personnel allow KAP to offer simple advice that shows results. Our personnel are certified and cover under Error's Omission Policy issued by the American Based insurance carrier, Hiscox for Project Management Plans.

Get a free 30 minute consultation to decide if KAP is the project management consultant for you.














Products for you our Valued Client

1. Project Charter

The project charter is the driving part of every project. While it is built prior to the planning and analysis for the project, it lays out at a high level why this project is needed, what is going to be done, risks and assumptions associated with this project, and the key members of the project team. It's important that the key members of the project team sign off on the project charter before works gets underway, so that everyone is in agreement about what everyone is working toward. A Project Charter will actively "chart" your path to success.

The components of a project charter include: Value Proposition, Project Scope and Objectives, Risks & Assumptions, Definition of Success, Milestone Schedule, Project Team & Stakeholders, and the Stakeholder Sign off Process.

A Project Charter is not a business plan. The Project Charter is a "How To" manual.

Save yourself thousands of dollars in mistakes for a few hundred dollars. Contact us to get your project charter today.

3. Project Valuation - AFA Certified

An Accredited Financial Analyst (AFA) certified value tells people what you have is actually worth something. How many times will people ask you "How do I know what you're saying is worth something?" Or "How do you come up with this value?" without a straight forward answer?

Answer questions in a straight forward manner.

Answer: I have a third party certified AFA Valuation that supports the value of my project and business idea.

AFA Valuations provided by Knight Advisory & Planning (KAP) give certainty to potential partners. We do this by providing analysis on: Market, Asset, Income and weighted values. All our approaches are according to the Accredited Financial Analyst Standards of the Global Academy of Financial Management (GAFM). Provide certainty with your prospective partners and project stakeholders by providing them an AFA Valuation today! 

2. Project Evaluation - Risk Management Plan

The Risk Management Plan is the preventive tool for anticipating emergencies in every project. Without a Risk Management Plan you are not prepared for what could happen. Most projects fail due to lack of proper risk planning. A risk management plan is a document that a project manager prepares to foresee risks, estimate impacts, and define responses to issues. It also contains a risk assessment matrix. A risk is "an uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, has a positive or negative effect on a project's objectives."

The components of our risk management plan include: Scope of Risk Management, Risk Identification, Risk Analysis, Risk Tabulation, Risk Response Planning, Risk Monitoring & Control, Risk Database & Summary Report, and Lessons Learned.


Save yourself thousands of dollars in mistakes for a few hundred dollars. Contact us to prevent your project from being blindsided today.

4. Custom Assessment

Do you want to dig right into consideration? Do you desire to get a specific assessment on your project scope? An Accredited Financial Analyst (AFA) will review your application and offer you an assessment at no cost. If you take the time to fill out our application below we will focus our initial conversation. 

Applications do the following:

1. Allow us to give you a solution on the call versus trying to understand if a solution is available


2. Provide a comprehensive recommendation based on material we see versus material we anticipate


3. Give you a confident option with a defined time table.

Click on our application below to begin your journey to competent project management.

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