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Knight Advisory begins setting up qualifications to identify stock portfolio loans.

Knight Advisory & Planning External Stock Loan Options

Are my stocks sold to fund my loan?

Never. You are not placing your securities with a private unlicensed party, but a fully licensed institution that has no right whatsoever to sell your securities unless you were to both default andrefuse to make repayment arrangements for any outstanding principal on your loan – something that, though it could theoretically happen, has never happened to any FidelisLine client. The cash you draw is the institution’s own cash lent to you.


Do I still own and control my securities?

Yes, in every way. These are your stocks and bonds, not anyone else’s, and that is exactly how they stay at all times. You can trade your securities, provided that you do not diminish their value. Youcontrol your securities, not the institution. Your account is no different from any modern U. S. brokerage account.


Who provides it?

This stock loan credit line is offered through a partnership with two top-tier, fully-regulated and licensed, SIPC/FDIC U. S. banking and brokerage firms. These are well known, instantly recognizable, public lending institutions with audited, public financials, billions in capital for lending, and decades of experience. They have agreed to offer FidelisLine clients the very specific, wholesale terms that our clients demanded.


Who will I be working with?

Your stock loan credit line is directly administered through your direct relationship with a licensed FINRA-member advisor who is also a Certified Financial Planner within your licensed lending institution.

Knight Advisory runs preliminary compliance to source qualified applicants to offer our qualified applicants access to premier stock loan credit lines. All of Knight Advisory stock loan credit lines are offered via a major, licensed SIPC/FINRA U.S. brokerage and bank that lets you tap the value of your portfolio without selling your securities or transferring your title to a third party — and all that with no credit check, lightning fast 5-7-day turnaround, no mandatory lender-side fees, and exceptionally low interest-only rates through the wealth management division of a top-tier, U.S.-based, “household name” brokerage and bank. 


Knight Advisory offers the following FAQ to help you assess the viability of submitting through our secure portal. The information is collected to be forwarded to licensed securities representatives who will contact you regarding the process. Knight Advisory does not offer you securities related advice, or consultation. 

What is it?

This is a custom, stock loan in the form of a credit line that lets you tap the value of your securities portfolio without selling them to access their value. It was created specifically to serve the business-buying, franchise-buying, and commercial non-residential real estate markets, but it is available to any owner of eligible stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.


What kind of collateral is accepted?

This lending facility accepts securities from common stocks to ETFs to mutual funds. It can also use cash, which can then be deployed into eligible securities, a money market fund, or a CD investment for example, on one’s own or with the guidance of their programs licensed lender advisor if they wish.


What is the minimum eligibility criteria?

If your portfolio meets the minimum eligibility requirements ($85,000 in value, $5/price-per-share, average 200,000 shares per day), and is not part of an IRA/Keogh — you are almost certain to be approved.


How long does it take?

Clients can have their credit lines open for withdrawal via check, debit card, or wire within five to eight business days on average.

* Any tax, investment (including securities buy/sell), or financial advice pursuant to this program may only be via a licensed CPA, attorney, or other professional empowered to offer these services. No such advice or guidance is provided nor authorized via any individual associated with this site or company, unless they are specifically licensed and in good standing in their state of residence to do so. Your licensed lending institution for LeverageLine financing does employ individuals who are licensed to provide such advice in these areas and the client is free to avail of their service if desired.

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    (3) Florida: Helping Women Design Business Blueprints.

    (4) Knight Advisory holds a seminar on opportunities in the Florida-National relationship.

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    (7) Independent Entity not affiliated with any other entity discussed.

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