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Determine Critical Paths in your Project to eliminate Critical Losses

All projects begin with planning. All good plans include schedules. Scheduling sets firm milestones, objectives and clear paths. Precursors to each milestone come with a set of requirements. Each requirement can be composed into tasks. The race to complete a marathon starts with one step.

In order to know where you are going you have to chart a path. The path you chart needs to be one that you can cross. Being unprepared for your journey can be perilous. Wise people plan their provisions, pack survival items and do not perish because they are informed.

Each step in the correct direction pushes you to the finish line. Let's start with getting informed.


Understanding the path you should take is one method of preserving your reputation in a project. Let's take a look at a sample chart below to illustrate a Critical Path:



The above chart is an illustration about a programming project. The boxes in red show a critical deliverable for each milestone to complete the project. Failure to accomplish any red box results in prevention to move the project forward.

The boxes in black are important but do not delay the next step. At times the black boxes will form the precursor to a red box. A good example of this is "Integrate All Components" which requires the Implement GUI box to be complete. It is possible to "Learn OpenGL" move to "Data to Rendered Map" and begin work on "Implement Map Display".

The project is unable to move to "Integrate All Components" until all precursors are complete.Critical Paths show a project principal where major delays could upend a project or simply delay it.

The Critical Path of a project is the path showing essential tasks which cannot be delayed, cancelled or adjusted.


As a project manager it is important you chart your path. The path does not arbitrarily materialize. The Critical Path is derived from a Gannt Chart. For those unfamiliar with Gannt Chart format we make it available in this article. Gannt Chart formatting is the standard for established project managers.

Below is a Gannt Chart example that can be used with Microsoft Excel

Gannt Charts are nothing more than ordered tasks that explain what you need to do, how long it will take, and once it is done what you do next.

This is the layman explanation of a Gannt Chart. Gannt Charts provide functionality, organization and practicality. The chart above showcases the organizational chart of building a house. Having this level of organization will allow you to clearly recognize how to get things done.


The purpose of this article is to concisely show, explain and demonstrate the usage of established project management techniques. Knight Advisory & Planning has experience to order your project, construct a documented path and protect its planning against error. Knowledge is free but accountability is not.

Contracting a certified project management firm who compiles your charter, your gannt chart and planning material provides protection. Imagine not knowing there were industry standard omissions from your report. Imagine experiencing a $100,000 loss because of the lack of inclusion. Imagine knowing you are covered up to 1mm USD in damages because of the loss. Certified project managers carry Error's & Omission Insurance (E&O).

Knight Advisory & Planning is more than a document provider. We are your guarantee to get things right. Contact us today for us to compile your critical path and plan your project properly.

Critical paths should not become critical losses. Get started today by submitting your application or contacting us!

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Knight Advisory & Planning (KAP) is the only company to primarily focus on Public Private Partnerships (P3) since 2006. KAP operations are spread across countries of the world to serve this need. KAP Network consists of core partners surrounded by interlocking networks of consultants and affiliates in key trading countries and disciplines. We maintain Master Project Manager (MPM) who are American Academy of Project Management (AAPM) certified and are experienced in the following industries: construction, development, finance, technology, FinTech, biotechnology, production, R&D, and manufacturing. With over twenty (20) years of experience let us guide you through the P3 process.

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