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Knight Advisory Project Development Directorship


A Project Development Director (PDD) is a public service professional position responsible for delivering programs to individuals, businesses, communities, organizations, and other public agencies in their assigned geographic territory. This charge requires a broad base of business knowledge, excellent analytical skills, and the ability to effectively manage multiple projects (and personnel) simultaneously. These duties require the integration of business theory and practice, consequently necessitating professional development activities. Multi-county travel may arise. We are seeking professional individuals who are ready to accept this challenge.


Within the Company there are four (4) levels of Business Development Directors. The first level is an Associate, then a Director, the third an Executive Director, and the final level is a Senior Executive Director. Each member is assigned prospective company assignments reflective of their knowledge and training curriculum that has been certified through the company.


We require each Director to become certified and pay the certifications fees necessary to be covered under our internal security policy. We cannot cover uncertified persons under our insurance policy. Certifications Required or sought: MPM (Master Project Manager), CIPM (Certified International Project Manager), AFA (Accredited Financial Analyst), MFP (Master Financial Planer). Good standing with the American Academy of Project Management (AAPM) and/or Global Academy of Financial Management (GAFM) required.


Our internal security policy protects each individual from violations of misrepresentation when dealing with international trade & project management missions worldwide. The training requires individuals understand solicitation requirements when packaging non liquid / liqiuid assets to be offered as collateral. We require knowledge of USC Title 12 – Banks & Banking and USC Title 15, Chapter 2A, Sub Chapter I, Sec 77d(6)- Exempted Transactions. We will also require that the BDD have knowledge on real estate management, real estate closings, project gannt charts, critical paths, and be familiar with AAPM standards. Microsoft Project is a very big plus.


Compensation is based off a Basic Pay Draw. The Basic Pay Draw contains rates from SED1 to SED9. We combine the draw with a performance chart. The performance chart is also reflective of the rates SED1 to SED9. We hope by combining commission and base draws our Business Development Directors will have a method of self-worth. We believe this self-worth will create a friendly environment of competition. The most paid person will not always be the one with the most skill. The total compensation awarded to an SED is based on performance. Quotas are required to be met every year for a Satisfactory Evaluation. We will have interim evaluations quarterly as well. The positions in the company are carefully selected by our board. Advancement is accomplished by something called "Time In Grade"; along with passing management courses offered by our company. This position is not for the feint at heart, and is not available to just anyone. The position will require you to meet top level regulatory officials, bank officials, member affiliates of the central banking system, and key principals of micro capitalization businesses. In addition you may be required to meet at international conventions, government sanctioned events, and press humanitarian issues to the United Nations. Base salaries are only offered after certain "Performance Periods" and apply to only SED Grades 6 or higher. Initial registers are always strictly "Contractor" Roles and are under "Independent Contractor Agreements".


Associates are not required to pass the Standardized Test administered under the supervision of our Company. The company cannot begin assigning individual projects until an Associate has passed their test. Associates may assist other SEDs with their project activities but may not manage an individual project or portfolio. All Grades that are Directors and above are required to pass a test to perform their job responsibilities. The reason for this distinction is Associates are not allowed to speak to any project principals in relationship to USC Title 15, Chapter 2A, Sub Chapter I, Sec 77d(6)- Exempted Transactions; while Senior Executive Directors / Executive Directors / Directors are allowed to do so due to their demonstration of knowledge. Associates are entitled to solicit small business license opportunities, and standard regulatory mechanisms. Standard regulatory mechanisms in the commercial arena are license / franchise opportunity related. Structured Regulatory Mechanisms will remain off limits to Associates until they demonstrate the competency to pass the standardized test administered.


The concentration of the standardized test deals with a heavy focus on USC Title 12, Banks & Banking, and AAPM Protocols & Practices. The test also relates the matters of Structured Financing. Structure Financing is tested according to Leveraged Equity Capital (LEC) Firms recognized as Lenders B-2, by FITCH IBCA, DUFF, & PHELPS, and the process of Structured Funding Resource Program recognized by the Standard & Poor’s a Division of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. It should also be noted that the administered test is not for a SECURITIES RELATED FIELD but a PROJECT MANAGEMENT FIELD for an international project management Public Private Partnership (P3) entity.

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Knight Advisory & Planning Key Points:

    (1) Quality Networking Opportunities That Yield Profitable Partnerships.

    (2) Knight Advisory; an Authorized Florida Business Agent.

    (3) Florida: Helping Women Design Business Blueprints.

    (4) Knight Advisory holds a seminar on opportunities in the Florida-National relationship.

    (5) Team Proposal.

    (6) Emerging Markets.

    (7) Independent Entity not affiliated with any other entity discussed.

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