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KAP Neutral Zone Concept Florida & Texas

The Beginning of a New World in Business"


- 21st Century
- The Neutral Zone Vision
- The Neutral Zone Mission


We have the power to decide whether the 21st

century will be like the first half of the twentieth, only

worse - or like the second half, only better, we cannot take the onward march of free and the rule of law for granted.


Instead, we must resolve to underpin the free global market with genuinely global values and secure it with effective and neutral institutions. We must show the firm leadership in defense of human rights, sustain ability, labor standards and the environment. In short, we must emulate and extend the wisdom, and the imagination and the resolve, those who laid the foundations of the liberal world order after the Second World War, They made change work for the people - we of the Neutral Zone Project will and must do the same.


The Neutral Zone Project is a legendary effort undertaken to unite the humanity on its way to progress and to create a New World Order that shall become the cradle of evolution for our future generations



The Vision of Neutral Zone is to help bring about the 'Next Civilization'. A Civilization built on fundamental principles for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society. But most of all to provide communities with infrastructure that enables phenomenal discoveries, extraordinary security and un-parallel prosperity.


The Mission of Neutral Zone Project is to develop an integrated neutral infrastructure, constructed to host a new Civilization! The Neutral Zone has three prime objectives that are based on cause and effect structure which are meant to bridge the gap between disconnected sectors of the society.

*   Facilitate Restoration and Enhancement of Local Communities

*   To provide local communities with NEUTRAL Infrastructure for the RESTORATION and ENHANCEMENT of our deteriorating communities and ecosystems on which we depend for our well-being.

*   Create A Sustainable System For Development

*   A CAUSE that will have as EFFECT local communities with smart neutral infrastructure that CAUSE the systemic generation of development funding. Knowledge transfer will be fueled by next generation world trade. That has the EFFECT of Tri-Sector campaigns to educate, mobilize, and coordinate community led development programs.

*  Bring Collaboration of Society Sectors To End Disparity

*  Programs which CAUSE the empowerment of local people to be engaged in negotiating, influencing, controlling and holding accountable institutions. These engagements must be ones that affect their lives, ensure the taking of ownership on their own security, quality of life, and inevitably prosperity.



Effective peace building demands a broader notion of human security. We cannot be secure amidst starvation. We cannot build peace without alleviating poverty. We cannot build freedom on a foundation of injustice. We have become a Global Society like it or not! The ethical consensus of the industrial age was based on a belief in one's place in society. Religion, job, family and state all delineated one or more socially approved roles that were played out by the majority of people.


As that age closes, these roles have compartmentalized and fragmented, and they now await a new integration that will provide a basis for the next Civilization.

Visionaries and committed organizations understand better than ever that it is difficult to put the words (and ideals) of a community (that consist of ecosystem restoration and enhancement) into action. These are valuable conclusions that have been drawn from intense intelligence gathering methods on the ground over the past few decades -that have directly correlated to the development funding and security failures determined by Knight Advisory & Planning.

Intelligence Initiatives within our organization have designed a Neutral Infrastructure around the nine basic human needs.

A strategy that enables community members to take responsibility for seeing that their own basic needs met.

The nine basic human needs that Neutral Zone Focuses:

History clearly demonstrates that when people do not get their needs met, they can become agitated, belligerent, or driven to use the negative aspects of human instincts to meet their needs. This basic truth is at the core of the majority of problems and deprivations we face today.


We believe "If prevention is better than care" let us provide the way for our community members to get what they need. Our project enhances entire communities and therefore has to address all nine basic needs equally. These needs are add dressed through the Neutral Zone's Infrastructure.

Knight Advisory & Planning Key Points:

    (1) Quality Networking Opportunities That Yield Profitable Partnerships.

    (2) Knight Advisory; an Authorized Florida Business Agent.

    (3) Florida: Helping Women Design Business Blueprints.

    (4) Knight Advisory holds a seminar on opportunities in the Florida-National relationship.

    (5) Team Proposal.

    (6) Emerging Markets.

    (7) Independent Entity not affiliated with any other entity discussed.

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