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Knight Advisory & Planning Industry Sectors Strategic Alliances


At Knight Advisory & Planning (KAP) two decades of our expertise in assembling, negotiating and consummating trade, technological and financial agreements is utilized to give comprehensive services to innovators and entrepreneurs.

To provide such a broad array of exhaustive services we along with our affiliates draw strength from our shared experience in international trade policy, law, marketing, investment banking and technology research.

With the KAP platform, Florida / Texas American technologies are transferred to developing economies and newly emerging technologies from other parts of the world are developed as viable business prospect in their respective markets.

At KAP we also support large scale real estate and humanitarian projects by extending our marketing expertise and providing resources and funding.

KAP’s Strategic Alliances, more than 600 business and technology development partners with their combined offerings and solutions, constitute a worldwide e-biz infrastructure “franchise offering system”, with visionary scope, and a global scalability that is second to none.

As an innovator or as an organization dedicated to technology development in any industry or sector you can take your technology worldwide with KAP´s Technology licensing and marketing services. As a business entity seeking a technological edge over your competition you can explore the best of the technologies across every industry sector.


We currently have reviewed more than 600 Technologies and business opportunities from every possible industry sector.

Alternate/Sustainable Energy
Artificial intelligence
Banking & Financial
Bio Engineering
Civil Engineering
Communication & IT
Computer & Internet Technology
Construction Technologies
Digital Technology
Distant Learning / Education
Domestic Technology
Electronics Engineering
Energy & Power
Environmental & Life Sciences
Food products and production
Fusion Energy Sciences
Health & Medical Technologies
Industrial Technology

Laser and Optical engineering
Marine Technology
Media & Entertainment Technology
Military Technology and equipment
Mining Technologies
Mobile Technology
Music Technology
Nuclear Technology
Oil & Petroleum
Real Estate & Infrastructure
Safety / Security & Automation
Space & Satellite Technology
Sports Technology
Structural Engineering
Trading & Business Technologies
Transport Technologies

Knight Advisory Industry Alliance focused on publishing and new social media approaches to projects!

Knight Advisory & Planning Key Points:

    (1) Quality Networking Opportunities That Yield Profitable Partnerships.

    (2) Knight Advisory; an Authorized Florida Business Agent.

    (3) Florida: Helping Women Design Business Blueprints.

    (4) Knight Advisory holds a seminar on opportunities in the Florida-National relationship.

    (5) Team Proposal.

    (6) Emerging Markets.

    (7) Independent Entity not affiliated with any other entity discussed.

Additional Information

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Joint Venture and Licensing Opportunities

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