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FranTech Florida & Intuitive Products LLC recently conclude sale of share subscription FranTech Florida awarded Project Management Contract!

Franchise Technologies Florida & Intuitive Products Roll Out

Intuitive Products LLC partners with Franchise Technologies Florida to structure new dynamic roll out of Squeege Evolved 360 & the Rivet Sealer 3000.


Franchise Technologies Florida development group is working closely with senior management within Intuitive Products LLC to create a receivable credit facility to deliver to its 1600 global distributors. The primary focus of this project scope deals with order fulfilment, company structuring, and inevitable IPO listing. 

Who we are to

What is Intuitive Products LLC

Franchise Technologies Florida (FranTech Florida) has partnered up with Intuitive Products LLC to ensure that the company is structured properly during its growth to IPO phase. FranTech Florida provides professional services. Namely we provide portfolio management services, project management services, quality assurance, technical feasibility studies, and financial analysis. We have board certified personnel by the American Academy of Project Management (AAPM) and the International Project Management Commission (IPMC). Our list of competencies include: Master Project Managers(MPM), Certified Markets Analysts (CMA), Master Quality Managers (MQM), Certified International Project Managers (CIPM), and Certified Project Portfolio Managers (CPPM) to name a few. We also have on staff PhD qualified personnel.


In our scope of finance we have Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) recognized personnel who hold distinct international accreditations in finance. Among the international accreditors are the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM), Global Academy of Financial Management (GAFM), Arab Academy of Banking and Financial Sciences (AABFS), & UAE Government Securities Regulators to name a few. We have personnel who hold an Accredited Financial Analyst (AFA) designation, and Master Financial Planner (MFP). We also hold on staff personnel who have passed Series 3, 7, 63, 65, & 26 examinations and are eligible to be registered as financial advisors.


Franchise Technologies Florida uses these spheres of competency to accelerate project management, portfolio allocation, and program design. We are working in several key areas with Intuitive Products LLC to ensure responsible company growth. We have recently concluded a share subscription purchase into the company with a private regulated financial company. We have several written correspondences affirming continued distributor support and are in discussions with local banks to extend credit facilities for receivable financing. We are entertaining receivable financing offers on product fulfillment.


Intuitive Products LLC is a State of the Art, Product Research and Development Firm. Intuitive Products LLC specializes in products that serve a greater purpose, make life better, and solve a problem. Intuitive Products LLC strives to make the products you use every day better. Intuitive Products LLC's experience, advancements in Technology, Polymerization, Advanced Materials, 3D Technologies, Product Design and Manufacturing have made the industry challenge long held notions. Some of these notions that have been challenged are that things do not just have to work and perform a certain way. There is no such thing as that's just the way it is. At Intuitive Products LLC all believe there is a better way of building, designing and producing better, more Intuitive products.


In December 2012 with a soft Pre-Release of our latest product "The Squeegee Evolved 360" a great deal of barriers were broken. The Squeegee Evolved 360 is the industry's First Completely Ergonomic Application Tool for Window Films, Vinyl Wraps, & Polymer Films. The Squeegee Evolved 360 also has many other applications in many other industries. It is an amazing leap forward in Ergonomically Bio Sensitive Tools to stop median nerve damage as well as the beginning stages of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with workers in the Tinting and Vinyl Application industry. The CEO and Product Developer for Intuitive Products Dan Hughes Has been in the Sign and Tinting Industry for over 30 Years, He lends his expertise and experience to develop tools from the Installer and User point of view.


The Rivet Sealer 3000 is an award winning tool that solves problems in the wrapping industry. The Rivet Sealer 3000, which is a tool, designed specifically for application of polymer films and printed media over screw heads and rivets. This is, and always has been the scourge of our industry. We solved this problem using applied physics, Heat and Pressure at the same time form molding the polymer film over the protrusion permanently.

Global Distribution With Award Winning Patented Products

Key Project Management Areas we focus on:

Franchise Technologies Florida (FranTech Florida)  with Intuitive Products LLC provide solutions for the new issues facing developing graphics industry in today's dynamic climate. Intuitive Products LLC has been in the industry as a product fulfillment entity since 2007, supplying over 1600 distributors with our flagship product globally, The Rivet Sealer 3000.


The solution The Rivet Sealer 3000 solved was showcased at the NBM Show in Los Angeles, CA where Intuitive Products LLC won the prestigious Oracal Industries "Product of The Year Award. This alone has given us great credibility and respect in the industry. All those distributors worldwide know us and it would be easy to plug into the already laid pipeline a brand new product that has received great accolades since our December pre-launch of our latest tool.


At Franchise  Technologies Florida we execute structures regulated in host country investment; providing capital protection with leading financial institutions. The result is all the upside; with none of the downside. A New Social Economic World.


Public Private Partnerships

A Public Private Partnership is a dynamic relationship between a government and a private entity. This is formed as a B-uild Operate Own (BOO), B-uild O-perate O-wn T-ransfer (BOOT), or B-uild O-perate T-ransfer (BOT). A complete competency is found here on the concept.


Local Direct Public Offering (DPO) Management

Revenue from the public is a key component to our success. Too many times companies are forced into shark infested private equity, non profit making humanitarian deals, or local high interest bank financing. Our DPO approach allows access to everyday citizens looking to speculate on small offerings. Low investment means easier cost of money. Local organization means it is organized under local laws and oversight.


Stakeholder Analysis

Taxes are an essential source of revenue for all levels of government. Like other parts of the revenue structure, tax revenue setting by municipalities is restricted by state governments. States are not uniform in their approach to allowing municipalities to utilize the three major sources of tax revenue - property, sales and income taxes - usually permitting some combination. States assign a portion of state tax revenues to those municipalities with a substantial share of the state population, reliant on one tax with only a limited degree of reliance on a second or municipalities rely on only one revenue source, usually the property tax.


Although the details of the project management process vary significantly from region to region, there are five main sequential stages in the lifecycle of a project:


  • Initiation: the initiation phase involves the development of initial ideas for project scope, feasiblity, and resource identification.

  • Planning: Once the project scope has been determined a project charter is drawn up to reflect all components of the project. The project charter authorizes the creation of various other documents and is then legally approved and adopted.

  • Execution: the execution phase deals with all the activities from the Work Breakdwon Structure (WBS) throughout the year. It is the actions of the project.

  • Monitoring & Control: the performance of all company units are monitored and measured throughout the fiscal year. Those indicators are evaluated at the year's end to inform the project management process for the following year.

  • Closing: the completion of the project markets its end. A handover of operations is then created to ensure a seamless transition.

Franchise Technologies Florida Key Points:

    (1) Quality Networking Opportunities That Yield Profitable Partnerships.

    (2) FranTech Florida; an Authorized Florida Business Agent.

    (3) Florida: Helping Women Design Business Blueprints.

    (4) FranTech Florida holds a seminar on opportunities in the Florida-National relationship.

    (5) Team Proposal.

    (6) Emerging Markets.


    (7) Independent Entity not affiliated with any other FranTech Entity.

Additional Information

For more information email:
FranTech Florida's Global Consultants Network

Joint Venture and Licensing Opportunities

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